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Our organization offers experts services to clients in our area. We play out a wide range of door and opener repairs as well as installations. We also offer a wide scope of new garage door and openers with proficient installation as a part of our services. You can depend on Urban Garage Door Services to have your garage door working perfectly with years of experience.


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Our technicians have years of experience and relevant skills.

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Our technicians know what parts are required and use all the high-quality parts.

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Committed to Quality Since 1990

All our professionals have been profoundly trained to fix all types of garage door breakdown. A portion of our most experienced specialists have been working in the business for a considerable length of time! There’s no problem, we can’t solve. Regardless of whether your door is stuck or getting excessively old and difficult to utilize, we can help get your garage door perfect to meet your every day needs.

Regardless of whether you have a manual garage door or an automated one, we can give professional investigating and maintenance services to guarantee each perspective is running easily and arranged to keep going for years and years. There is no compelling reason to search for different services! Urban Garage Door Services have all the important parts and can supply them to make your garage door work perfectly.

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Garage Door Repair Services

What can we do for you!

We are a professional company with years of experience in chain drives, belt drives, torsion springs, augmentation springs, screw drives, direct drivers, and jackshafts, just to name a few. Try not to assume the danger of performing conceivably hazardous repairs to parts that our experts are completely prepared to deal with securely. The services we give will guarantee that you have top quality, easily working parts, regardless of what kind door you have.

Reliable and Affordable services

A broken and messed up garage door is a difficult issue. Our accomplished experts can give you phenomenal help on almost any sort of garage door, from its drivers and springs to its boards and rollers. We invest wholeheartedly in our quick and amicable help, and our years of experience is used at point you need a repair. We offer emergency repairs and same-day services to ensure that you are dealt the same time an issue emerges. Regardless of whether you need another spring or a different garage door, depend on the experts at Urban Garage Door Services to deal with your repairs and installation rapidly. Get in touch with us to get more details on our accessibility or to book a repair today.

Garage Door Springs

Trustworthy Garage Door Spring repairs

Our company intends to make the expenses of getting new springs as affordable as possible be expected so you won’t need to do the repair work yourself trying to save the money. Since we handle the whole procedure through and through, including sourcing of the new parts legitimately from the producers and arranging lower costs and charge you as low as possible. We’re additionally straightforward about the work costs when we provide our cost estimate, so you know the exact amount you’ll be charged once the work is finished.

Expert fitting and safety testing

Fitting the correct size springs is fundamental to guarantee that your door can be worked without inconvenience, regardless of how substantial it is. It’s likewise guaranteed that the springs last for long time and you won’t need to replace them rashly. Regardless of whether we’re repairing your torsion or extension springs, we ensure that they are right by taking precise measures of your door.

Fast response and quick action

Now and then you’ll get no sign that your garage door springs are going to come up short. You’ll frequently find that you can’t open your door at the most inconvenient time, similar to when you have to leave for that urgent meeting. In case you’re in this circumstance, you can depend on our quick responsive staff to send over a specialist right away. Urban Garage Door Services will likely react to queries inside our service area within 15 minutes! We spare significantly more time by bringing all the required equipment with us. We work proficiently, removing your old springs and replacing them with new ones in under 60 minutes. We’re your one-stop specialists for quality garage door spring repairs. Reach us today!

Garage Door Opener

Repairing any kind of door opener

Does your chain drive garage motor make a horrendous noise when it works? Does the belt on your belt-driven opener needs replacement? Is your screw drive opener not working your door easily? Regardless of what the issue is, our multi-talented staff has the training and fitness to repair it. We can take a shot at any opener type, make or model, and we follow manufacturers procedures to analyze and repair your unit, ensuring that all new parts are completely perfect.

Accurate and professional advice always

Are you are thinking about purchasing another garage door opener? Rely on the assistance and advice of our professionals! We listen very carefully to your requirements and assist you with choosing an appropriate motor that accommodates your budget. We have variety of motor models including the expert scopes of the main brands. Regardless of whether you buy your opener unit from our company or not, you will get a proper help of installing the opener perfectly! We’ll ensure your motor is installed and working perfectly.

Remote control repairs and troubleshooting

Is your garage door not responding to your remote control? The solution could be as straightforward as changing the batteries, however on the off chance that this doesn’t tackle your problem, call our company. We’ll investigate your clicker, divider switch, and garage door opener to understand the reason for the issue. We can reprogram remote controls in as little as ten minutes, or replace a broken one on-the-spot.

Garage Door Maintenance

Damaged part repairs

As a part of our support service, our staff conducts minor repairs on parts of your door that can be restored. We give garage door opener repairs, spring, link, and track repairs, and numerous other repairs and maintenance services. At the point when any of these vital parts in your door fails, it can leave it inoperable or even dangerous to utilize, so have one of our professionals handle it for you as quickly as possible.

Expert inspections and restoration

Let our experts help you with keeping up the condition of door through standard investigations and maintenance designed to maintain them in running order. We will test all safety features, springs, and the equalization of your door, to guarantee that all maintenance efforts are properly coordinated to where your framework needs them. By doing this, we won’t just extend the life expectancy of your door yet will likewise guarantee that they can be utilized securely by you and your family.

To know more call us

If you would like more information on our various repair and garage door maintenance services, contact one of our expert technicians for advice and give Urban Garage Door Services a call today to find out more about how we can assist you.

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